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Trade is done via special Augments; labelled as trade goods. They can be told apart from normal Augments by the mention of 'trade goods' in their description.

Trade good can be bought and sold at a Store when arriving at a Store beacon for the first time (provided an event doesn't stop you).

Supply and Demand

Captain's Edition simulates a crude representation of differing supply and demand across sectors. Traders will never buy goods that are in supply in their sector. Regular goods can all be sold for more scrap in one or two particular sectors where they are in great demand. Therefore, it is often a good idea to hold on to trade goods while you can until you find the right buyer, rather than selling them immediately.

Various events will give hints about the best places to sell certain goods. For example, taking a drink at a black-market cantina and talking to your Slug crew at an empty beacon. Trade goods also tend to sell better across different sector types, for example goods bought in civilian sectors will sell well in hazard and hostile sectors.

Trading Game Mechanics

When arriving at a Store beacon for the first time you will have an option to buy certain good and a blue option to sell your own goods, if you have any. Selling will net you a certain amount of scrap ranging from low to very high. You will receive part of the payment from the event and the remaining part when you sell the augment normally through the Store menu.
  • (Due to modding limitations the augment cannot be removed from the player's inventory.  Therefore it require player cooperation to sell the augment at the store.  Not doing so is considered cheating and "upsets the balance of the universe".)

It is important to note that unless the Store comes equipped with a Cargo Teleporter, or the player has the Cargo Teleporter augment, buying and selling goods at a store will cause the Rebel fleet to advance by 1 jump. This is the main drawback of trading.


Trade goods come in a range of different scarcities. Each scarcity puts a trade good into a certain price range, here shown via its base value:
  • Very Basic (10 base value)
  • Basic (15 base value)
  • Common (20 base value)
  • Valuable (25 base value)
  • Rare (30 base value)
The base value defines the price a trade good can be sold at a store without using the trade event. This process is called "Quick Selling" in the mod and can be used to quickly get rid of excess trade goods.


Prices of all goods will fluctuate slightly above their base value, depending on the particular store. The On-board Assembly Line augment will always produce goods at their exact base value.

Goods will sell for about 200% to 300% of their base value at stores where they are not in demand. At stores where the goods in question are in demand they will sell for 400% to 500% of their base value. Sell prices will also vary due to dynamic price negotiations with the trader, so prices quoted in the sell option are not the definite outcome of the sale. Trading goods of high level scarcities will net the biggest profits with one haul.

List of available Trade Goods

The following augments are regular trade goods, listed alphabetically and arranged into rarities.

Very Basic (10 Scrap): 

  • Consumer Goods
    • Buy: Civilian
    • Best Sell: Pirate
  • Industrial Machinery
    • Buy: Engi
    • Best Sell: Mantis, Rock
  • Plastic Items
    • Buy: Lanius
    • Best Sell: Industrial, Hazard, Rock
  • Raw Asteroid Ore
    • Buy: Rock
    • Best Sell: Rebel, Slug, Industrial, Lanius
  • Ship Wreckage
    • Buy: Fed
    • Best Sell: Industrial, Lanius, Engi

Basic (15 Scrap):

  • AI Research Data
    • Buy: AI
    • Best Sell: Zoltan, Lanius
  • Beacon Parts
    • Buy: Zoltan
    • Best Sell: Mantis, Nebula
  • Compressed Nebula Gas
    • Buy: Nebula, Slug
    • Best Sell: Rebel, Rock, Industrial
  • Disease Samples
    • Buy: Quarantine
    • Best Sell: Mantis, Pirate
  • Federation Contraband
    • Buy: Rebel
    • Best Sell: none
  • Looted Bounty
    • Buy: Mantis, Pirate
    • Best Sell: Zoltan, Engi
  • Pharmaceuticals
    • Buy: Engi
    • Best Sell: Quarantine, Uncharted Nebula
  • Ship Hardware
    • Buy: Engi
    • Best Sell: Nebula, Mantis
  • Ship Hull Panels
    • Buy: Rock
    • Best Sell: Civilian, Zoltan
  • Space Rations
    • Buy: Civilian
    • Best Sell: Pirate, Mantis
  • Terraforming Gear
    • Buy: Industrial
    • Best Sell: Mantis, Hazard
  • Zoltan Legal Codex
    • Buy: Zoltan
    • Best Sell: Civilian, AI (?)

Common (20 Scrap):

  • Alien Livestock
    • Buy: Slug
    • Best Sell: Mantis, Engi
  • Eccentric Artwork
    • Buy: Slug
    • Best Sell: Zoltan, Engi
  • Engine Parts
    • Buy: Mantis
    • Best Sell: Rebel
  • Reactor Modules
    • Buy: Industrial
    • Best Sell: Civilian, Rock
  • Religious Rock Scriptures
    • Buy: Rock
    • Best Sell: Zoltan
  • Shield Components
    • Buy: Zoltan
    • Best Sell: Engi, Civilian, Federation
  • Small Arms
    • Buy: Pirate, Industrial
    • Best Sell: Zoltan, Quarantine

Valuable (25 Scrap):

  • Luxury Goods
    • Buy: Civilian
    • Best Sell: Slug, Pirate
  • Obedient Nanobots
    • Buy: AI
    • Best Sell: Quarantine, Zoltan, Engi
  • Rare Elements
    • Buy: Hazard
    • Best Sell: Industrial, Rock, Lanius
  • Slug Hallucinogens
    • Buy: Slug
    • Best Sell: Pirate
  • Weapon Components
    • Buy: Mantis
    • Best Sell: Zoltan, Engi, Quarantine

Rare (30 Scrap):

  • Crystal Artifacts
    • Buy: Hazard, Crystal
    • Best Sell: Rock

Generic Trade Goods

Generic trade goods can never be bought at stores and are therefore much rarer. They can be acquired through piracy and certain events. Generic trade goods come in the usual scarcities (very basic to rare), but a lot of them are not in demand in any particular sector types. Therefore it is harder to make huge profits from selling generic trade goods. Its also a lot harder to get ingame hints on where generic trade goods sell well.

  • Alien Glands
  • Antimatter
  • Archaeological Relics
    • Best Sell: Zoltan
  • Basic Chemicals
    • Best Sell: Industrial
  • Bio-Engineered Seeds
    • Best Sell: Civilian
  • Building Material
    • Best Sell: Auto-Sector, Rebel
  • Deep-Space Gemstones
  • Best Sell: Lanius
  • Huge Water Supply
  • Life Support Gear
  • Power Conduits
  • Research Equipment
    • Best Sell: AI
  • Sensor Components
    • Best Sell: Nebula
  • Servo Drones
    • Best Sell: Industrial, Mantis
  • Solar Panels
  • Space Whale Ambra.
    • Best Sell: Slug
  • Station-Grown Vegetables
  • Stored Oxygen
  • Synth-Textiles
  • Trooper DNA Backups
    • Best Sell: Pirate
  • Virtual Games
  • Xeno Organisms

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