Because if there's one things everyone gets confused on at some point, it's the order in which to load Captain's Edition into Slipstream's Mod Manager.

If the mods are not loaded in the following order, CE may cause errors. When loaded correctly, the mod will function as it should, though errors may occur with Endless Loot. (make page, link to it)

  • Any non-ship mods that are not related to Captain's Edition
  • Better Planets and Backgrounds
  • CE Resource Pack
  • FTL Captain's Edition
  • CE BPaB Compatibility Patch
  • CE Additonal Music addon
  • CE Infinite Addon
  • CE Additional Music Infinite Compatibility patch
  • EL Texture Pack
  • ONE of the following:
    • CE Endless Loot addon for CE Infinite
    • CE Endless Loot addon for standard CE
  • CE Non-EL Enemy Loadouts addon
  • CE Vanilla Player Ship Loadouts addon
  • Random Flagship
  • Any ship mods that you are using

Only the base CE mod and the Resource Pack are required in order to make Captain's Edition function. Better Planets and Backgrounds is recommended however, as many of its images are used in CE events.