Overview Edit

Endless Loot's drone prefixes work similar to Endless Loot's weapon prefixes. Drone prefixes either effect the drones weapon or the actual properties of the drone (speed, reload, dodge and the like). Prefixes that affect the drone weapon have identical effect as normal weapon prefixes with the same name.

Drone weapon prefixes Edit

The following prefixes mainly affect the weapon used by the drone. Their effect is similar to certain weapon prefixes.

  • Tactical: system damage +1; evade +1; hull damage -1
  • Brutal: breach chance +1, crew damage +1, stun chance +1
  • Wide Spread: system damage -1
  • Tight Spread: system damage +1
  • Incendiary: fire chance +2
  • Volatile: fire chance +1, crew damage +1
  • Flux: stun chance +3; fire chance +3 (ion drones only)
  • Warping: projectiles phase through one shield bubble; movement speed x0.6
  • Phasing (Rare): projectiles phase through one shield bubble; movement speed x0.6; evade -3
  • Safe: crew damage -1
  • High Velocity: projectile speed x1.25
  • Low Velocity: projectile speed x0.75
  • Hull Ripper (Rare): damage to systemless rooms x2
  • Torpedo: damage +1; projectile speed x0.5; movement speed x0.5; evade -3 (missile drones only)
  • EMP: ion damage +1; shield piercing -5
  • Shrapnel: system damage +1; crew damage +1; hull damage -1
  • Shredder (Rare): system damage +1; crew damage +1
  • Focus (Rare): shield piercing +1 (beam drones only)
  • Sungazer (Epic): shield piercing +1; fire chance +3, movement speed x1.05 (beam drones only)
  • Deathly (Epic): crew damage x2; movement speed x1.1; evade +3 (light drones only)

Actual Drone Prefixes Edit

The following prefixes affect the drone itself. Some of these prefixes only apply to combat, defence or boarding drones exclusively.

  • Swag: good for showing off
  • Second Hand: as good as a new one, but cheaper
  • Fast: movement speed x2 (boarding drones only)
  • Boosted: movement speed x3 (boarding drones only)
  • Slow: movement speed x0.5 (boarding drones only)
  • Assault: movement speed x1.1; evade +1; power cost +1
  • Low Profile: evade +2
  • Camouflaged: evade +5
  • Obvious: evade -4
  • Slow: movement speed x0.9
  • Boosterless: movement speed x0.8; evade -1
  • Fast: movement speed x1.05
  • Simple: reload time x1.15 (defence drones only)
  • Unresponsive: reload time x1.25 (defence drones only)
  • Active: reload time x0.85 (defence drones only)
  • Dumb: only targets missiles (defence drones only)
  • Smart: targets all projectiles (defence drones only)
  • Faulty: power cost +1
  • Optimised (Rare): power cost -1
  • Autonomous (Epic): requires no power (can only apply to drones that require 2 power or less)
  • Perfect (Epic): movement speed x1.1; evade +2; power cost -1 (ion drones only)
  • Boosted (Rare): movement speed x1.1; evade +1 (combat drones only)
  • Sentient (Epic): movement speed x1.15, evade +3 (combat drones only)
  • Frantic (Rare): reload time x0.75 (defence drones only)
  • Sentient (Epic): targets all projectiles, reload time x0.75, evade +3 (defence drones only)