Empty beacons play an important role in CE, as they allow the player to interact with their crew, manufacture supplies, develop augments and upgrades, and other item-dependent actions. Of course, they could also choose to do nothing at all and simply move on, if they aren't the dawdling type.

Empty beacon events may occur in every sector at non-distress beacons without ship or hazards present.

Choosing to interact with your crew may sometimes provide benefits and other such events, but usually only results in flavour-text that, while immersive and contributes to the story's lore, does nothing.

(Note that there are literal thousands upon thousands of lines of text in CE, and that we cannot hope to document every one of them, so until this wiki is officially-maintained, this list will be considered non-comprehensive.)

1. (Humanoid Crew) Have a word with your Humanoid crew member.Edit

 %: Your humanoid crew member knows this sector quite well, but it can't supply any personal map data that would be detailed enough for your mission. (Nothing happens)

2. (Engi Crew) Converse with the Engi crew member.Edit

 %: Your Engi crew member expresses "Level 5 gratitude" for being allowed to serve under your command. (Nothing happens)
 %: The Engi crew member talks in length about the advantages of a backup battery aboard the space ship. (Nothing happens)
 %: Surprisingly, the Engi actually has hobbies. It constructed a perfectly usable drone template in its free time and asks you to try it out. (+1 drone parts)

3. (Mantis Crew) Speak with the Mantis on board.Edit

 %: The Mantis claims it has killed several dozens of humans before joining the Federation. It wants to know how this makes you feel. (Nothing happens)

4. (Rock Crew) Chat with your Rock crew member.Edit

 %: The Rockman asks which Federation Academy you attended. It proudly informs you that it has, for many standard years, studies ballistics and ship-to-ship combat at a Rock court school. (Nothing happens)
 %: The Rockman is seriously wondering how it feels to be burned. You try to explain the sensation, but it seems unable to convey the idea. "What do you mean by 'ardent', Captain?"

X. (Zoltan Crew) Have a word with your Zoltan crew member.Edit

 %: The usually so talkative Zoltan is uncertain if it should open up to you this time. "Captain, do you think there are energies greater than us? I believe the far-beyond is calling one of your crew members. This person might be enlightened without knowing it."
1. What does this mean?
"Your crewman has to be trained in our ways. There is a secluded monastery nearby. My brethren might be able to elevate this indifidual to another level of existence. I beg you to travel there." (Quest marker added.)
(Upon traveling to the quest marker) After a long scan you find the monastery hidden on a small moon at the far end of the system. You take the ship down in a dark canyon and travel by foot up to the monastery. The Zoltan greet you at the gates. "We have been awaiting you. Only your crewman is allowed to enter." "Captain, I feel that I should go."
1. Dismiss your crewman and let them join the monks.
"We will meet again, Captain." The Zoltain acknowledge your commitment. After learning about your mission, two young acolytes offer to join your crew. They believe your ship is blessed by the eternal energies of the universe. (Lose one random crew member.)
1. Accept
(If ship has clonebay) The Zoltan also request that you delete your crewman's clonebay entry. "Else their pure soul will be corrupted." You don't know what that means but decide to comply. (Gain two Zoltain crew members with level 2 fighting.)
2. Decline
2. No way! This person stays with us.
2. This is ridiculous.
 %: The Zoltan appreciates your interest. "You take good care of your crew, Captain." (Nothing happens)
 %: The Zoltan appreciates that you follow Federation protocol "most of the time". (Nothing happens)

X. (Slug Crew) Speak with the Slug on board.Edit

 %: The Slug suggests you engage in trade more often. "Think of it, you have a cruisser and a lot of cargo ssspace. If you play your cardss right we could all be rich. Maybe rich enough to buy oursselvess out of thisss horrible misssion..." (Nothing happens)

X. (Crystal Crew) Speak with the Crystal being.Edit

 %: The Crystal looks a little light headed when you speak. It tells you it is not used to the high oxygen pressure on your ship. You assume the Crystal will get used to it, but order a medical checkup nevertheless. (Nothing happens)
 %: Your Crystal crew member tells about its ability to control crystalline growths. Apparently Crystal weapons are based on this ability in order to create shard projectiles. (Nothing happens)

X. (AI Avatar Crew) Converse with the AI HologramEdit

 %: Upon inquiring, the AI explains how its generation unit works. Dynamic photon emitters and gravitational field generators create its physical body. Its "mind" is housed within an AI core that mimics an organic brain with extremely dense biological-circuits. (Nothing happens)

X. (Lanius Crew) Try to converse with the Lanius crew member.Edit

 %: You catch the Lanius while it is absorbing some random scrap item. This could still have been of use, but you decide to let it slide this time. The Lanius normally just eats modified Federation rations, enriched with minerals, and these seem to disgust the being quite a bit. (Lose 5-10 scrap.)