Combat Events are, as the name suggests, events that happen during combat. Depending on the situation, they may be benificial and let you gain the upper hand before resuming combat, or they may be moderately detrimental if you do not meet the criteria.

Some combat events are simple independent batches of flavour-text, while others may damage either/both your's and the enemy's ship, lead the combat into various hazards, send unique enemies/boarders at you, or signal the start of ship-specific events, such as a station preparing it's hodgepodge FTL drive, or a rock ship charging at you.

Most/All combat events that provide beneficial or detrimental effects can be avoided or changed depending on various factors.

Ship-Related Combat EventsEdit

Events that affect only your's or the enemy's ship.

Location-Related Combat EventsEdit

Events that affect only the area of combat in which the fight takes place.

Flavour Combat EventsEdit

Events that, all-in-all, have no effect on combat, and are there merely to provide an immersive/interesting experience.