"This fully sentient hologram is controlled by an advanced AI, housed inside a biological data-substrate."

AI Avatars New-3

AI Avatar crew icons.

AI Avatars are a new race added in the Captain's Edition, derived from the unused "ghost" race in vanilla FTL.

AI Avatar Portraits

Male and female AI Avatars portraits.

AI Avatars are advanced robots programmed to think for themselves and learn individually, at a rate comparable to other sentient beings. They were created by combining Engi and Zoltan technology but choose to take a human form. They initially served their masters in great numbers, but a significant flaw in their programming eventually surfaced. This led to a great AI Rebellion and now many of these rogue robots can be found causing chaos throughout the galaxy. Some Zoltan and Engi ships can still be found using AI Avatars as crew, but not nearly as often as before.

Special Abilities Edit

AI Avatars cost 30 scrap to hire from Stores.

+Do not require Life Support to Survive

-50 Health

Blue Options Edit

(AI Avatar Crew) Send your AI crew member to render some aid. (Occurs on Unknown Disease on Mining Colony)

(AI Avatar Crew) Send your AI avatar to investigate. (Occurs on Small research station with no response)

(AI Avatar Crew) Allot the AI to realize a personal art project. [ Scrap: -20 Augment: Eccentric Artwork ] (Occurs on using the On-Board Assembly Line augment)

(AI Avatar Crew) Have the AI hologram supervise the engineering project. (Occurs each time you pick the option to upgrade your ship in an empty beacon)

(AI Avatar Crew) Have your artificial crewmember explain your mission. (Occurs on Friendly AI Avatar)